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Neon Maze


Explore the mysterious maze in the game Neon Maze

Conquer a series of maze challenges in the Neon Maze game. Your task is to control the character to avoid challenges in the game and reach the finish line.

How to play

Your main goal is to lead a small tomb through the winding maze walls with many obstacles. The tomb glides smoothly when you control it, but be careful when colliding with obstacles. The key to success lies in your ability to dodge spikes, dangerous traps, and neon opponents that stand in your way. Your ultimate goal is to reach the Tomb Mask, a hidden gem that awaits only the most skilled and determined players.

Attractive features in the game

Collect and conquer challenges

As you move through the maze, you will need to collect dots and stars scattered everywhere. These items are important to advance to the next level and achieve high scores.

Fast-paced action

The neon maze is designed to keep you on the edge of your seat with its fast pace and ever-present dangers. Right from the start, the game challenges you to move quickly and accurately to avoid various dangers that can end your run instantly.

Increase difficulty

While the initial levels serve as an introduction to the game's mechanics, the difficulty increases as you progress. Higher levels introduce more complex maze designs, faster water rises, and increased numbers of traps and enemies.

Diverse obstacles

The maze has many obstacles designed to test your skills. From moving spikes and traps to shooting walls, each element requires a different strategy to overcome. These obstacles are not just static; they frequently move or change patterns, keeping you alert and adaptive.

How to control

W - Up

A - Left

S - Down

D - Right