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Geometry Dash Breeze


Geometry Dash Breeze is challenging your limits by creating many difficulties and obstacles along the way. Your mission is to overcome them!

The new fan-made version

You may know that Geometry Dash has many fan-made versions. This game is one of the Breeze fan-made versions. The mission is familiar to fans of the Geometry Dash game.

Compare between the fan-made versions

You may know Scratch which is one of the platforms for coders. You may find thousands of fan-made versions of the Geometry Dash game on this platform. However, this game is created without using Scratch. If you have ever experienced Geometry Dash Scratch versions, you certainly won't be able to take your eyes off this game. Although the game versions of Scratch still retain the basic gameplay, their graphics are not attractive enough to players. In Geometry Dash Breeze, you will have a completely immersive experience with eye-catching graphics. Furthermore, you can find unique features that you cannot find in any other fan-made version.

Keep the unique features

This fan-made version has eye-catching and new graphics but it still retains the unique features of the Geometry Dash series. What you need to do is make sure the character is not destroyed while moving along the way. Sharp spikes will still be common obstacles along the way. However, there will also be new traps that you need to pay attention to and avoid.

How to play Geometry Dash Breeze

If you are a weak player who likes running and fast-paced games, I think you already know how to play. However, if you are just a beginner, follow the following guide.

Remember the danger of obstacles

Obstacles are mostly passive and they mostly cannot move. Don't think the game will be easier when the obstacles don't move. Your character will move forward continuously so things will be very difficult. Once your character crashes into one of the obstacles, it will be destroyed into several pieces. You will not have HP points or many lives to continue your journey like other runners. Obstacles have different shapes, sizes and are placed in different positions. Therefore, you need to do your best to avoid obstacles on the way.

Look at obstacles before jump

Obstacles will be designed with a short distance. You can only keep your character safe by jumping into the right safe position. To find a safe location, you need to observe the upcoming terrain first. Determine the location of obstacles and what is the safe position. Then, click the left mouse button to jump up. Of course, you will only have a few seconds to complete the above actions. You will repeat that action over and over again until your character reaches the finish line.

Three maps in Geometry Dash Breeze

This game gives you 3 different maps with different backgrounds and difficulties. Although the missions and characters remain unchanged, you will still see many differences between the maps.

Over the Clouds

The background of this map is inspired by the clouds in the sky. You can see clouds appearing on the way making you feel like you are moving in the sky. Furthermore, in some sections of this map, you will see blocks with seven colors of the rainbow. They are the symbol of the rainbow. In my opinion, this map will not be too difficult for players. Even if you are a beginner, you just need to play it many times to pass this map. Be careful of the monsters hiding in the white clouds along the way.

Into The Zone

A completely different space will open in this map. You will face many dangers that are more difficult to solve than in the previous map. Obstacles may even appear suddenly, leaving you unable to react. You will feel like you are lost in the world of robots with iron obstacles. Sometimes, instead of moving from left to right, you will have to control the character in the opposite direction. This will cause many difficulties if you are not familiar with the character's direction.

Ghost Ship

You are on a dangerous ship because it contains hot lava flows and sharp spikes. Compared to the previous two maps, the character's speed becomes much faster. You need to help it jump over obstacles quickly or the game will end. In this map, the most difficult thing is when controlling the character flying in the air. Obstacles will appear suddenly and leave only small gaps in the air. You need to skillfully control the character through this gap. Pay attention to the arrows because they will help you determine direction and safe location.

The forms your character can change into in this game

At the beginning of each map, you can see that your character is always in cube form. However, this shape will change after going to certain sections of the road. You need to quickly adapt to your character's new form to continue the journey.

Cube shape

The basic and familiar shape of the main character is a cube. It can slide on the ground and move forward. This is probably an easy shape to control. This shape is often encountered at the beginning of the game or in the middle of the game.

Robot shape

Compared to the cube shape, the robot shape will run on legs but the character will also jump like a cube. For many people, the robot shape will not be too difficult to control.

UFO shape

The character will become a UFO in the air. You need to combine holding the left mouse button and releasing it so that the UFO can move in the air. When flying the UFO, make sure it doesn't fly too low or too high to avoid hitting traps.

Plane shapes

The shape of the plane usually appears when you are halfway through the journey. It will also move in the air, but flying a plane will be more difficult than flying a spacecraft. The plane will have to overcome zigzag terrain so you need to have excellent control skills. Let's challenge your skills with this hard game now!