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Among Us


Among Us is a hugely popular game that challenges you to identify the Impostors in your group. Join the cosmic adventure and prove your prowess now!

With its distinctive fusion of social interaction and strategy, Among Us has become a revolutionary force in the ever-evolving world of online gaming, enthralling gamers throughout the globe. This post is your all-in-one resource for understanding the subtleties of the game and navigating its many aspects when playing on a computer.

A Brief Overview

Among Us developed by InnerSloth, thrusts players into a spaceship setting, where a group of Crewmates strives to complete tasks while impostors endeavor to eliminate them. Its popularity is a testament to its simple yet engaging premise, fostering an environment ripe for strategic deception and camaraderie.

Mastering PC Controls:


  • To navigate the spaceship, players use the arrow keys or by clicking the desired location on the map.
  • The 'W,' 'A,' 'S,' and 'D' keys allow for vertical and horizontal movement.

Tasks and Interactions:

Interacting with tasks is key to Crewmate's success. By pressing the 'Use' button (typically 'E' on PC), you engage with various ship elements.
Tasks range from diverting power to fixing wiring, each requiring a unique approach.

Emergency Meetings:

Calling emergency meetings is crucial. On PC, players use the 'Report' button ('R' by default) when a suspicious event occurs or to discuss findings.

Chat Functionality:

Communication is pivotal. The chatbox ('Enter' to open) enables players to discuss suspicions, and strategies, and defend their innocence.
Map Awareness:

  • Understanding the ship layout is paramount. The 'Tab' key displays the map, aiding Crewmates in planning routes and assessing alibis.
    Intricacies of Gameplay:

Impeccable Timing:

Impostors must strike with precision. Waiting for opportune moments and sabotaging strategically can sow chaos among the Crewmates.
Observation Skills:

  • Crewmates, on the other hand, rely on acute observation. Identifying unusual behavior or witnessing suspicious actions can be the key to unmasking impostors.

Adapting Strategies:

Each game unfolds uniquely, demanding adaptive strategies. Whether you're Crew or Impostor, versatility is your greatest asset.